Currently Lindell Cooley serves as president of Music Missions International (MMI) and Lead Pastor at Grace Church: Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee.


Raised as the only child of a minister in Northern Alabama, Lindell Cooley was surrounded by ministry and music throughout his formative years. His first practical musical experience came when he was taught to play the tambourine at the age of five. From there, he went on to play the drums, bass guitar, organ and piano.

At 21, Cooley was spending part of his time playing the piano with Christian musicians Lenny LeBlanc and Rusty Goodman and the other part serving as associate and children’s pastor in his father’s church. But he knew he had a destiny to fulfill and, at the age of 28, he set off to find it. In the fall of 1994, Lindell Cooley visited Brownsville Assembly and met with Pastor John Kilpatrick. In February of 1995, Kilpatrick needed a music minister and believed Lindell was God’s choice for the position. Two months later, while Lindell was away on a missions trip to the Ukraine, a historic revival began.After 10 years as music minister for the Brownsville Revival, Lindell moved back to Nashville, TN and began to plant Grace Church: Nashville. He currently resides in Franklin, TN with his wife Amber and two sons, Samuel and Isaac.


The Brownsville Revival ran from 1995 to 2000, attracting more than 4 million people to Pensacola, Fla. Often televised on GOD TV, it was characterized by passionate salvation messages from evangelist Steve Hill, and a radical call to holiness from John Kilpatrick and worship led by Lindell Cooley.



Lindell is the Lead Pastor at Grace Church Nashville

The bible defines the church as a body. We, as the church, are members of that body, with different abilities and many functions. When one part of the body is not functioning, the rest of the body becomes impaired. Every part of the body is necessary, and each part is significant. The church is not a denomination or a building; it is the body of Christ.

“Worship is at the heart of all we do, because worship is the primary concern of the church. Our focus is to make God’s glory known in all the earth, and this is what drives everything I do as a pastor. It is my desire that each person that enters our church will be inspired to seek the Lord more deeply.” – Lindell Cooley –

A core value of Grace Church: Nashville is to teach people of all ages the basic foundations of the Word of God and help them begin to apply God’s principles to their lives. We believe in being a part of strengthening families through relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Christ our mission is to heal the broken, encourage the hopeless, and love the lost.


Who our God is and how He works cannot be captured or contained. Our God is extreme. Our God is unstoppable, unfathomable, and untamable. Our God is wild. It is He Himself who is beckoning us to pursue Him beyond our circumstances, beyond our emotions, and beyond our logic into the glorious mystery that is Him.
Offering miraculous, inspiring stories of lives and circumstances transformed by the Holy Spirit, author and speaker Kim Meeder shows that God isn't calling us to fully understand Him; He is calling us to fully trust Him. Through everyday practical ways, Kim encourages readers to pursue Him more passionately and to trust Him more fiercely. The wild beauty and glory of our God are calling. And in this hallowed, thrilling place, we will see His face reflected in the miraculous—and we will experience the limitless nature of our wild God. 


At nine years of age, Kim Meeder's life was torn apart by her parents' murder-suicide.

On the day of their funeral, Kim experienced healing that only Jesus Christ can give and unique emotional comfort through a horse. This restorative refuge become the foundation for all that was to follow. Through the love of Jesus and a little mare, Kim's life was saved. Redeemed by the hope of Christ, she rose through the pain and become a powerful and encouraging influence in the lives of hurting youth. Inspired by Jesus' love, in 1995, Kim and her husband Troy transformed their 9-acre cinder quarry into a ranch for kids and Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch was born. This unique non-profit organization rescues abused and neglected horses and with the kids help, nurtures them back to health. These same horses are then integrated into the ranch's riding program for children. With the understanding that all kids are at risk in today's cultural climate, the ranch remains focused on individual instruction for each participant with one leader, one horse, and one child... always free of charge. Having assisted in the rescue of more than 300 horses, CPYR currently supports an equine family of 30 to 35 horses and welcomes four to five thousand visitors every year. The ranch has also assisted into existence over 200 similar ministries across the United States, Canada, and more than a dozen in foreign nations. These similar ministries are also committed to serving families in need toward the love of Christ.

Kim has written and released five books (Hope Rising, Bridge called Hope, Blind Hope, Fierce Beauty, and Encountering our Wild God). Her books have been translated into five different languages and her radio interviews with Focus on the Family remain as some of the most requested shows in their broadcast history.

Also, an accomplished and enthusiastic speaker, Kim has addressed audiences from home groups to mega churches, high schools to universities, women's conferences to missionary conventions. She has spoken the Gospel of Jesus Christ to villages in the poorest nations of Eastern Europe to the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C.

Kim is humbled to have received multiple awards acknowledging her commitment to serve others. A few include the Red Cross Heroes Award, the Regional Jefferson Award, the National Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award, and Woman of the Year for community service. In addition to her responsibilities as the Co-founder and the Chief of Communications Officer at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, speaking and authoring, Kim is a deep wilderness adventurer. She has a passion for sports and has competed on a national level in Nordic ski racing and has participated in the Olypic biathlon trials. She and her childhood sweetheart, Troy, have been married for 37 years and enjoy living in Bend, Oregon.


Researcher / Author/ Lecturer

Game of Gods


Is a researcher, writer, and lecturer focusing on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including the challenges and opportunities faced by Christians. Over the years he has attended a range of internationally significant political, religious, and social events in his quest to understand the historical and contemporary forces of transformation – including the Parliament of the Worlds Religions, Burning Man, and the United Nations Millennium Forum.

Since the mid-1990s, Carl’s research has been utilized by numerous authors, media hosts and documentary producers, pastors, professors and students, and interested lay people. From 2007 until the end of 2015, he edited a monthly web-based magazine,Forcing Change, documenting and detailing the worldview revolution underway – points of pressure, forces of change.

He frequently speaks to church groups, in conference settings, and occasionally teaches a modular course on Secular/Pagan Trends at Millar College of the Bible.

Carl’s biases are transparent: he embraces an evangelical Christian perspective, is pro-liberty versus politically imposed equality, pro-individualistic versus consensus collectivism, and pro-free market.


Carl is frequently a media guest on radio/podcast and television programs and speaks at many conferences.






Rob Parker and his wife Fran, are the founders and Directors of NHOP.  They heard the call to create an “Embassy of Prayer” in the nation’s capital on Canada Day – July 1st, 2000 after Rob had made a 73 day Prayer Walk from Calgary to Ottawa.  After several years of sharing the vision with other leaders across the nation they moved to the capital in 2004 to begin establishing a ministry that would mobilize prayer for government.

Rob is originally from Victoria, B.C. and had a career as a paramedic working both in the Canadian Arctic and the Saharan desert before studying at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland and returning to pastor a church in his home city.

Fran was born in Calgary but raised in Cape Breton and served in the health care field, while working alongside her husband with the Baptist congregation in Vernon, B.C.

God clearly led Rob and Fran in establishing a strategic and prayerful presence for the government of Canada. Over the past twelve years, thousands of Christian believers have come to pray in the halls of government through the ministry of the National House of Prayer. Rob has recently written a book called “We Have a Voice”, with over 17,000 copies distributed, which offers practical insight and important information to equip and encourage Christians to pray for their nation, vote responsibly, and be involved in the public square.



Author, Speaker, Children’s Ministry


A talented and dynamic communicator, Donna Boone shares with kids, teens, young adults - and the young at heart - a message of love, hope and purpose in Christ.  Through black-light puppetry, illusions, games, dance, music and ventriloquism, Donna and her team deliver fast-paced, engaging and inspiring presentations. 


Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, Donna was blessed with an abundance of energy, creativity and an infectious love for children.  Donna embarked on a career as full-time teacher - and part-time interior designer - vocations that seemed to be a perfect fit for her unique talents and interests. It wasn't long before she left teaching to pursue her calling into full-time ministry.  Since that time, Donna, her teams, and her husband Laurie, have travelled across Canada and beyond - as far away as Africa - and performed in venues both large and small. 


Donna has also served as a children's pastor in Ontario and Alberta.  She provides consulting and training services to educational institutions and churches.  More recently, she has become the President of the Canadian Children's Chaplaincy Association, a role which has opened further opportunity to provide care and counselling to children at risk. 

In her spare time, Donna loves to sew, quilt, decorate, bake and entertain.  Donna and Laurie have two married daughters and four beautiful and inspiring granddaughters.