SEPTEMBER 28, 29 & 30 ~ 2018



Rev. Boyd Hopkins M.Div. is the founder of Spoken Word Ministries Association and Hopkins Ministries International. Boyd is an ordained minister with 20-plus years of experience in congregational and para-church ministries as a pastor, international speaker, researcher, and writer, and the author of Yes, Lord - A Surrendered Life Devotional" and "Freedom Through Forgiveness".  . He works both in North America and in the third world, preaching evangelistically as well as writing and teaching in regard to equipping believers for hands-on ministry in today's context. Boyd has a heart to see the evangelism of the lost, the redemption of the fallen, and everyday believers living in the freedom and power of God.

Spoken Word Ministries is a registered Canadian charity with offices in Mission, British Columbia and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our American partner ministry is Hopkins Ministries International - a registered American charity with offices in Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S.A.


Cody Bates remarkable journey has taken him from a life of gangs, violence and addiction to a life of purpose and positive impact through his outreach ministry at Okanagan Adult and Teen Challenge. This one-time notorious gangster from Calgary now passionately shares his riveting story of redemption and demonstrates that recovery and hope is available to us all... regardless of our past. Cody's story effectively strips away the stigma of those struggling with addiction and engulfed in a life of crime. Demonstrating great courage to spread his message, Cody inspires those still struggling and offers the promise of hope and purpose through a changed life of service. Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of the most uplifting messages of hope and redemption that you will likely ever hear.


Sheila Zilinsky aka The Weekend Vigilante® is an independent conservative Christian media analyst, author & nationally syndicated talk-show personality.

Her acclaimed books have earned her international recognition. She was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Top Female in independent media five consecutive years. The Vancouver Sun touted her as, ‘the only woman in talk radio with a titanium spine and a heart of gold.’


Power Prayers: Warfare That Works

Green Gospel: The New World Religion


Fresh IE made Canadian history by becoming The First Rapper to Be Nominated for a Grammy award in Canada, (Twice)


Robert Wilson was born into a life of Struggle and dysfunction. From an early age he turned to music as a refuge, working through the raw material of his life to create music that entertains and brings hope to those who hear it.
Rob, also known as Fresh I.E., creates solid music that grabs the listener and pulls them in. Red Letterz, which he created in his livingroom, made Canadian history when he became the first Canadian rapper to be nominated for a Grammy. He earned another Grammy nod for his next project, Truth is Fallin in the Streetz. This album, created in his brand new studio, fit the new calling Fresh was hearing in life too. Turning from fame in the pursuit of love for those who struggle, Fresh I.E. travels to Canada's First Nations remote and northern reserves where the youth embrace the hope found in his music.
Fresh’s later album, Lockjaw, re-released as Out tha Oven, won multiple accolades, including two Covenant Awards and a Gospel Music Award. The album gives a voice to the fans starving for attention, declaring that their lives can be made new, as though they were fresh out of the oven.
"Lockjaw was about my fans grabbing a hold of the life they deserve," says Fresh I.E., "declaring war on failure and defying statistics."
Following suit, Fresh I.E. defied the way he normally created music by forming a live band, The Unashamed. With them he recorded Inside, which he and the band toured across six provinces, playing to everyone from prison inmates to 80,000 plus screaming fans at the 2010 Olympics.
Now, 13 years since the beginning of his career, and 13 albums later, Fresh has changed the game once again: he’s stopped making music. Just to clarify, though, he’s not quitting ministry. Instead of chasing a Grammy, he’s chasing hard after God, ministering through music and preaching to those who urgently need to hear the message he brings.
The letters he receives from fans say it all. Typical of the kind of mail he receives, one teen girl struggling with suicide wrote, "I wanted you to know how much you inspire me. Your songs help me to stay strong, they give the sense of belonging. I feel good again and happy to be alive."
That’s what Kingdom Music is all about.


GMA (60)


A Vocal Powerhouse! Kenny is a `Newcomer’ in the Canadian Christian/Gospel music scene, in that he has been cutting his teeth performing solo as well as with his band, The Kenny Mac Band in countless shows varying from small-town shows to summer festivals across Alberta and Saskatchewan for nearly a decade.

Often compared to the vocal style of Keith Urban, Colin Raye and Chris Tomlin , his vocal sound is entirely his own, adding a uniqueness that is often absent from today’s Christian and country music.

Aside from singing and playing, Kenny is an talented songwriter as well. His writings are a true testament of the person that he is. From emotional ballads, to good ol’ upbeat rockin' songs, it is clear he writes from the heart and likes to stray from the proverbial `box’, creating fresh, inspirational songs.

Not only is Kenny a gifted singer/songwriter, who credits all of his abilities and blessings to God, his honest and down-to- earth, humble mind-set is evident in his `day job’ as well. Kenny is an accomplished floor covering installer/tile setter, owning his own small installation contracting company. Kenny says the self-discipline skills he has developed over the years with his work has more than given him the skills, the drive, and the determination it takes to make it in the music business. “If you have ever spent 18 hours kneeling on a concrete floor setting tile, or bruised both of your knees on a carpet kicker, I’m sure you will agree that you can pretty-much do anything you put your mind to!” Kenny says with a wide grin!

Kenny has been singing for pretty much his whole life, whether as a child singing with his uncles who also play guitar and sing, or in plays at school or on a tiny stage in a small club, it is clear Kenny was born to sing!  Kenny has recently discovered a great love for writing and singing gospel and worship music.  "It's no secret my faith has made me a different person.  I've overcome so much in my life in the last couple years with the love and guidance of my saviour, Jesus Christ.  It's a natural step for me to sing for my creator!  It's very exciting, to be able to sing country music as well as enter into a whole new genre!" Kenny exclaims.

A Worship leader in his home church, Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship, Kenny is growing as a Worship leader, learning from so many talented musicians what it means to give God the glory and honour with the talents He has given him.

Kenny says, “I don’t really care where The Lord takes me as long as it’s with and for Him!”

Look for an upcoming EP of new, original music later on this year from Kenny!

Kenny and his band comprised of Richard Cooke, Scott Posein, and Dianne Wicker look forward to ministering somewhere near you in the near future!