Since 2012, Hope 4 More Ministries has been bringing communities together with a simple message of Hope.


We have the greatest message to share to a broken world! There is hope. One Hope!


Throughout all human history and including the here and now, every person has desired to have answers to two questions, "Why am I here?", and "What is my purpose?"  This desire can only be fulfilled through a divine encounter with the living God, who is our creator, our source and our sustainer. The secular culture is sending us their messages, their answers, through media, entertainment, and education but there is only ONE HOPE!


Our desire is to see the family built up, lives restored, and impacted for eternity through this faith-filled weekend.


TOGETHER, we can be part of rebuilding, and strengthening whole communities.


“There is One Body.  One Spirit, One Hope. “  Eph 4:4-6